About Us - Crafting Wealth

Why Crafting Wealth?

Our is to provide you with useful content that will improve your financial and professional (and even personal) life.

Your attention and your time are precious and we strive to earn a bit of it every single day by delivering excellent content.

What’s Crafting Wealth About?

Crafting Wealth is here to improve your financial and professional (and even personal) life by delivering exceptional content that is both entertaining and informative.

We hope to earn some of your valuable time and attention by consistently delivering pieces of work that inspire and delight in addition to providing useful information.

Crafting Wealth isn’t just about one topic, but covers a broad range of things related to your financial and professional well-being.

About the Founder

“I created Crafting Wealth to help you learn and become better and potentially help myself should this website become popular. I hope it does. Here’s a bit more about my background:”

  • Education: BA in Economics; MS in Financial Engineering
  • Was a staff¬†writer for a medium-sized on-campus newspaper on finance-related topics during undergraduate studies
  • Worked in a variety of places –¬†from a tiny business where I wore many hats to a multinational bank


If you wish to advertise on our website or if you have any suggestions or comments please send us an email message at:

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